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Friday, 31 August 2012

Jessica Minh Anh at CHULA's showroom in Hanoi
Spanish fashion house CHULA was a part of J Model Management's latest phenomena on PETRONAS Twin Towers' Skybridge in Kuala Lumpur in March and the Seine in Paris in July this year. The label, which was created by designer and architect Diego Cortizas, amazed the fashion world when it turned each and every dress into a unique piece of art using bold colours, striking patterns, personalised touches, and famous embroidered quotes which added the humorous elements in the collections. CHULA has definitely gone beyond the usual catwalk trend to create a youthful brand that is widely available and appealing to fashion lovers from different backgrounds. 

CHULA at J Spring Fashion Show on PETRONAS Twin Towers' Skybridge in March 2012
CHULA at J Summer Fashion Show on the Seine, Paris in July 2012
Style TV crew visited CHULA's main showroom in Hanoi with model and global fashion show organiser Jessica Minh Anh to explore their production activities and the inspiration behind their many collections. Let's take a look at some behind the scene photos. 

CHULA's entrance. Diego and his wife Laura greeted Jessica Minh Anh
The colourful designers at CHULA's
One of the design rooms at CHULA's
CHULA's customised collection for PARIS show
CHULA's design garden
Jessica Minh Anh and Diego enjoying their conversation in the garden. The colourful chairs are part of CHULA's expansion to furniture design
Filming on CHULA's tower with a beautiful view of Hanoi
Diego, Jessica, and Laura at CHULA's filming for STYLE TV
We are looking forward to seeing CHULA's new collections in the upcoming seasons
CHULA at J Spring Fashion Show on PETRONAS Twin Towers' Skybridge
BY J Model Management


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