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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

(The release is also available in French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, and Chinese upon request)
Following the international success of the world’s highest fashion show in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, global event organiser and model Jessica Minh Anh has picked the Seine in Paris for her next phenomenal showcase. The innovative 80 metre long catwalk will be held on none other than the river’s immense floating palace,a Bateau Mouche glass boat, on the 30th July 2012. Using a window display concept, it will showcase exquisite collections by top designers from 5 continents and welcome the most celebrated international press. The J Summer Fashion Show is about to set yet another historic milestone in the fashion world. 

With a vision of creating a whole new fashion show experience, Jessica will create the illusion that the models are walking on water, by arranging for guests to sit facing the multi-facetted glass windows surrounding the boat. Thanks to a 360 degree view from the boat, the world’s architectural masterpieces such as Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, and Grand Palais des Champs Elysées along the Seine and the 37 extraordinary bridges will become a natural backdrop for the grand catwalk. A state of the art lighting system will be installed both inside and outside to turn the giant boat into the brightest point on the river that evening. A special media team will be assigned to take photos of the show from outside on smaller boats surrounding the big boat.  “This show will reflect how I see Paris: romantic, innovative, and absolutely stylish” said Jessica.

British fashion leader Paul Costelloe, who is a big fan of Jessica’s work, has expressed great confidence in the success of J Summer Fashion Show. "I am definitely amazed by Jessica's creativity and determination to break international boundaries at another spectacular location. Her bold and beautiful shows redefined the modern standard" said Paul Costelloe.  Jessica’s previously acclaimed shows have been held at England’s landmark London Tower Bridge, the world’s celebrity destination The Savoy, and the world’s highest Sky Bridge at Petronas Twin Towers, Malaysia.
 The highly anticipated J Summer Fashion Show will be organised in exactly 2 months by J Model Management. Participating designers and brands will sit front row to enjoy the showcase, while the entire production from models, backstage, to PR will be well taken care of by Jessica and her experienced team of event coordinators. The high profile guest list includes ambassadors of different countries, brand representatives from the Global 500, top fashion designers, and the international press. 
The J Summer Fashion Show official poster and promo video will be shot by J Model Management in the next 2 weeks. For more information about the J Summer Fashion Show, please visit www.jmodelmanagement.co.uk or www.facebook.com/jmodelmanagement. For press enquiries please email press@jmodelmanagement.co.uk


J Spring Fashion Show on the world's tallest Twin Towers' Skybridge (March 2012)

J Autumn Fashion Show on England's iconic Tower Bridge (October 2011)

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